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  • Humic Acid
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Humic Acid 70% Powder

Molecular Formula: C9H9NO6

Technical Specification




Black fine powder

Humic acid (dry basis), %

≥ 70.0

Water solubility,

≥ 98.0

Moistrue, %

≤ 10.0



2016 Hot Environmental High Concentrated Humic Acid Powder Fertilizer

1.  Everest humic acid is widely accepted as organic base manure and soil regulator in horticultural crops, fruit trees, landscaping, gardening and pasture.

2.  Soil Application: 300-450kg /ha or 5-10% of total fertilizer application

3.  For Turf: 200-500kg/ha

4.  For Pasture: 300-500kg

2016 Hot Environmental High Concentrated Humic Acid Powder Fertilizer

1. Improve soil structure and root system development
2. Adjust PH of soil and decrease alkalinity and salt content in soil
3. Increase the availability of nutrient element and activity of the microorganism in soil
4.  Enhance soil cation exchange ability

5.  Improve the quality of the plant by stimulating the form of the enzyme

6.  Increase the effectiveness of pesticides and decrease the toxicity of it

7.  Increase the output of the crops

8.  Increase the absorption of pesticides by plants and slow down its resolve speed

9.  Increase water holding capacity of soil and ability of effectively anti-drought

10.  Strengthen root and increase seeding rate



Humic Acid  55%-60%

Humic acid is a kind of complicated composition of macromolecular compounds, according to the solubility of different solvents are divided into three components of the fulvic acid, brown rot, black rot acid. Humic acid in nature widely exists in lignite and weathering coal, peat, content of 30% ~ 70%



Total humic acid content


PH Value



20% max

Particle size

80 mesh pass 90%min



  * Improve soil quality

  * Promote plant/crop growth


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Humic Acid

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